Novavia Solutions, LLC was founded in 2010 as a management consulting firm that aims to create social value by promoting the use and development of intelligent transportation solutions. Our primary expertise is in the application of information technology to traffic and transit operations, urban mobility and infrastructure management. Novavia Solutions works with public agencies, transportation operators, technology providers and start-up entrepreneurs with an overarching commitment to innovation and design thinking. Our services include strategic and technical consulting, project and program management, organizational development, and business development into new markets.

Design thinking: design thinking is a problem-solving approach that combines empathy, creativity and rationality to meet user needs. It is a resolutely human-centered mindset that thrives in complex environments. Design thinking relies on such proven tools as field observations, brainstorming and data visualization, and it favors iterative processes over rigid planning.

Interdisciplinary perspective: where will the next great transportation service or software application come from? Who will convey the fresh viewpoint your organization needs to discover in order to evolve? Because we cannot know the answers until they materialize, we cultivate an open mind and look beyond our natural communities for ideas, thought leadership and innovative practices.

Commitment to excellence: what motivates us to take on a project is to produce outstanding original content to meet the needs of our customers. We may confront challenges that are beyond our ability to solve, but we will neither compromise on the level of effort we apply toward understanding the full breadth of a particular situation nor on the quality and depth of our analysis and recommendations.

Design Thinking…

…is a resolutely human-centered mindset that thrives in complex environments.